To Be The Global Leading Provder of Application Delivery Solutions

Company Overview

Shanghai Hongji Information Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Hongji Technology") is a domestic application delivery solution provider focused on application dimensions. Established in 2012 and headquartered in Shanghai, it has established two major R&D centers in Beijing and Nanjing. It has innovated an application delivery platform, ADP, which combines high speed, high security, high availability, visualization and high intelligence & flexibility, containing three product lines: Application Delivery, Traffic Visualization, and Information Security, which can provide intelligent application delivery solutions for traditional data centers, cloud computing, and virtualization based on customer business scenarios.

Hongji Technology is continuously increasing its independent innovation and R&D efforts, playing the excellent technology and product advantages that can replace similar imported brands. It is deeply cultivating various industries and meeting the customized needs of large and medium-sized enterprise users. It provides high-quality services to help China's information technology application innovation and upgrading iteration, helping enterprises with digital transformation and integrating with industrial ecological development.

Enterprise Culture

Mission:Digital experience smoother, Application more reliable.

Vision:To be the global leading provder of application delivery solutions.

Values:Customer foremost, endless innovation, enterprise for excellence, honesty & integrity, unity & synergy.

Spirit:The journey to the truth begins with step by step.

Business Philosophy:Focusing on excellent and long-term careermore than bigger and stronger one.

Talent Philosophy:Capable, reliable and tenacious.

Company History

  • 2023

    Launched the container security monitoring platform and solution
    Launched the data security access management platform and solution

  • 2022

    The Nanjing R&D center was officially established

    Obtained ISO27001, ISO20000, ITSS, CCC, SSL, and other certifications
    Launched the traffic visualization product series and solution
    People's Bank of China and Bank of Communications Expanding Procurement Scope

  • 2021

    Became shortlisted for the application delivery procurement of ICBC's high, medium, and low-end products
    Became shortlisted for the selection of products of China Merchants Bank, Zheshang Bank, and Minsheng Bank
    Successfully implemented the application delivery solution for Xinyang Bank, Shanghai Bank, and Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank

  • 2020

    Successfully localized the application delivery of ICBC, Postal Savings Bank, and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, with mass deployment to replace F5
    Establish a cloud intelligent application delivery technology research cooperation laboratory with the Bank of Communications Data Center
    Received the first industry recognition for Pudong Development Bank's trustworthy application delivery case

  • 2019

    Launched domestically-produced hardware platform products
    Received energy-saving product and environmental label product certifications
    Successfully replaced F5 in the People's Bank of China
    Successful large-scale deployment and application in the military

  • 2018

    Launched the SuperCC front-integrated device
    Launched the PowerMC product
    Received Huawei and Langchao cloud certifications

  • 2017

    Established a joint innovation laboratory for big data with companies such as Shuguang Information and Tuoer
    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongke Ruiguang to promote the upgrading of domestic virtualization and cloud computing
    Key software enterprise
    The first to launch a cloud-based CloudMC platform for payment delivery resource pool management and control
    The first company in China to launch a cloud application delivery solution in the State Grid cloud data center

  • 2016

    The Beijing R&D center was officially established
    Launched elastic expansion products
    Launched business self-healing products
    Received Series A financing
    Won the bidding for Guangdong Rural Credit Cooperatives and Jilin Bank

  • 2015

    The first and only one in China to launch high-end 20G application delivery software products
    Launched a virtualization-based and cloud computing full life management platform

  • 2014

    Became a member of VMware TAP
    Completed customized development with ZTE Corporation

  • 2013

    The former R&D platform was officially renamed Hongji Technology
    Received ISO9001 certification

  • 2012

    Shanghai Hongji Information Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established
    The concept of ADP (Application Delivery Platform) was first proposed in the industry
    Received the "Independent Intellectual Property Right Certificate for Software"