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Cloud Application Delivery Solution

Hongji Technology's Cloud Intelligent Application Delivery Platform continuously innovates and launches a cloud application delivery platform solution. This solution is specifically targeted at cloud data center scenarios in finance and other industries. The solution fully utilizes resource pooling technology to achieve flexible allocation and management of resources, effectively improving resource utilization efficiency. It provides integration and management of cloud management platforms, achieving centralized monitoring of various application performances, ensuring stable operation and high availability of applications, and thereby providing stable and reliable cloud application delivery services.

Solution Values
  • 01

    Supports container and virtual machine load balancing software application delivery one-click deployment, and the cloud platform can be centrally managed to achieve dynamic resource pool adjustment

  • 02

    L4-L7 layer health check mechanism, real-time monitoring of the health status of different data centers of cloud businesses

  • 03

    The software application delivery is deployed in a dual-machine manner with millisecond switching time, ensuring the stability of the entire cloud business system

Application Scenario
Cloud Application Delivery Solution.png
Solution Advantages
  • Application Delivery Resource Pool

    Low cost, high elasticity, high availability, and compliant with security standards, helping customers achieve transformation from traditional IT to cloud computing

  • High Availability of Cloud Business

    Meeting the high availability guarantee of diversified businesses, utilizing the cluster high-performance architecture to enable the user's cloud platform business volume to bear a capacity of over 100G. The 3-7 layer health check function ensures the high availability of every aspect of the cloud environment application

  • Elastic Expansion of Cloud Business

    Industry leading elastic expansion mechanism that allows for on-demand allocation of application delivery resources and Hongjital expansion on demand. It is elastic and controllable, and cooperates with virtualization technology to dynamically adjust relevant computing

  • Mainstream Cloud Management Connectivity

    It supports integration with all mainstream cloud platforms and can be uniformly managed by the corresponding cloud management platform for rapid deployment and simplified operation and maintenance

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