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Centralized Management Platform CloudMC Product Series

Hongji Technology's CloudMC centralized management platform helps users achieve automatic deployment and flexible control of application delivery network elements in a cloud environment, managing hundreds of application delivery devices. It facilitates the integration of VirtualAD with cloud management platforms, and flexibly allocates and recycles bandwidth resource usage permissions for each VirtualAD. It also provides centralized configuration, monitoring, analysis, and unified management of businesses, achieving intelligent network management and operation tasks that are centralized and visualized. Administrators can monitor and comprehensively analyze the usage of VirtualAD, simplifying operations and reducing IT costs.

Product Values
  • 01

    Visualized data dashboard provides multi-dimensional panoramic data display for IT decision makers, accelerating enterprise digital transformation

  • 02

    Automatic deployment and centralized management of NFV application delivery functions, flexible control of License resource pools, and reduction of duplicate investments

  • 03

    APIs facilitate quick integration with cloud management platforms, simplifying operations, reducing IT costs, and more

Application Scenario
Product Advantages
  • Visualized Data Dashboard

    The system resources utilization and service traffic monitoring of cross-platform heterogeneous cloud application delivery nodes can be visually displayed, including equipment resource usage details, throughput, new connections, concurrent connections and other performance indicators, and various businesses can be ranked in TOP form

  • Unified Policy Management

    Provides a unified management platform for equipment control and application configuration including SuperAD and vAD products. Multiple management tasks can be integrated, and administrators can easily execute continuous policies for all devices, supporting online editing and custom uploading of eRule scripts for special business scenarios

  • License Resource Pool

    Through the License resource pool, it is possible to activate an unlimited number of vAD products and flexibly allocate bandwidth resources required by each device node. Bandwidth resources that have been allocated can also be recovered and re-allocated to different bandwidth resources to help users better control their investment costs

  • Cloud Management Automation

    By calling the LBaaS interface through the Openstack plugin, devices can be automatically created and deployed, providing full lifecycle management. Northbound interfaces are provided for cloud platforms to quickly integrate with the cloud platform, simplifying operations and reducing maintenance costs

  • Service Chain Logic Topology

    Helps administrators visually understand the logical relationships between elements in service configuration information and understand the deployment status of businesses, including logical connections between virtual services, service pools, node services, and data flow and health status of business services

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